La Fosse - bed & breakfast in Normandy

Where is La Fosse located ?

La Fosse is a few minutes from the D55 which runs through Perriers-en-Beauficel. Perriers-en-Beauficel itself is 16 kilometres (about 15 minutes) south of Vire. Other towns nearby are Mortain, Villedieu-les-Pôeles, St-Hilaire-du-Harcoüet and Sourdeval.


Approximate travel times to / from the main ferry ports. The times and distances are estimated under ideal conditions. Actual times and distances will vary depending on driving style, traffic, the number of breaks taken en route and any diversions in force on the day.

Caen-Ouistreham : 1 hour 20 minutes / 58 miles

St Malo ferry : 1 hour 30 minutes / 64 miles

Cherbourg ferry : 1 hour 50 minutes / 85 miles

Le Havre ferry : 2 hours / 107 miles

Dieppe : 3 hours / 159 miles

Boulogne : 3 hours 50 minutes / 245 miles

Calais - Coquelles (the channel tunnel) : 4 hours / 259 miles

Calais (ferry) : 4 hours 10 minutes / 263 miles

The airports of Rennes, Dinan, Dinard, Brest and Caen-Carpiquet serve the region. Airlines flying to these airports sometimes change so check carefully what route suits you best before booking.

Airports are approximately 90 minutes from La Fosse - some airports have car hire offices on or adjacent to the airport.

For a detailed route to Perriers-en-Beauficel, try    or use  and change the country to "France". 

Links to ferry companies and the channel tunnel operator:

Brittany Ferries for St Malo, Cherbourg and Caen-Ouistreham. If you plan to use Brittany Ferries for your channel crossings, we will give you with a booking code which will give you 10% off the published fares:

TransManche / LD Lines for Le Havre, Dieppe, Boulogne:

Eurotunnel for the train to Calais - Coquelles:

P&O Ferries to Calais:         

There are also sites offering "cheap ferry tickets" so if you are booking online it is worth researching to see if you can save money via one of these websites. We have not used any of these company so have no recommendations.