La Fosse - bed & breakfast in Normandy

Arrival and departure times...

Departures by 11am please. This is to enable each room to be cleaned and prepared to our usual high standard for new guests.

Please aim to arrive between 4pm and 8pm.

Later departures or earlier arrivals may be possible by arrangement – please confirm with us a few days beforehand.

Additional information...

La Fosse is set into the hillside with terraces, balconies and steps and planted areas. There is also a deep, unfenced natural pond. For these reasons, we do not to accept children under the age of 12.

When on holiday with their children, we know parents want the opportunity to relax and maybe enjoy a glass of beer or wine while watching their kids kick a football around or safely run about on a wide open space. La Fosse has terraces, flower beds, trees and balconies; there are no areas suitable for running or ball games and normal, energetic children would be more likely to find a way of falling off a wall or into the pond than playing safely. This could not lead to a happy and stressfree stay for parents as they would be required to be "on duty" and supervise their children at all times.

No pets are accepted at La Fosse with the exception of guide or hearing dogs for sight or hearing impaired. Please phone us to discuss. Primarily this is to do our best to give guests with pet hair or fur allergies a bedroom that will not provoke an allergic reaction. But additionally, we are surrounded by fields with livestock - including our own sheep and chickens. Our gardens are fenced and stock proof but an agile or small dog could easily get through or over so at this time we do not take bookings that include pets.

There are cats and a dog resident at la Fosse but they are never allowed in bedrooms and we ask our guests to respect this, no matter how determined a cat is to join you for a cuddle. We do have very cuddly, affectionate cats and they can be very persuasive. We rely on our guests to provide tough love and shut them out of bedrooms.

We operate a firm no smoking policy within the house. However, there are outside areas when smokers may smoke.

There are superb beaches within 40 to 50 minutes drive and if you plan to spend a day in the sun, we supply beach towels free of charge. Just ask.

If you're feeling a bit more energetic - or need to work off some of the calories anyone holidaying in Normandy is likely to consume, we have bicycles suitable for road use (not mountain bikes) which can be borrowed.

However, we do not supply safety helmets so you need to bring your own. If you have a bicycle rack for your car, bring that too and you can take the bikes further afield, perhaps exploring some of the pretty coastal resorts by bike. Many hidden gems aren't easily accessible by car.


Health and travel insurance for France...

Health care in France is not free in the way that it is in the UK. In the unlikely event you have an accident or illness during your holiday anywhere in France, a visit to the doctor or emergency room of a hospital is easier and cheaper or even free if you have an EHIC card issued by the UK.

This card replaces the old E111 form and you can apply for the EHIC online. They are free and you should never use a site that asks you to pay a fee.

Normally, your EHIC card will cover you for between 65% and 70% of any medical costs in France. This coverage is in line with what a French resident would receive from their own health service. In view of this, we strongly recommend that you have personal holiday insurance too as this will cover you for the extra 30% of your costs if you have a more serious incident which, for example, requires you to be repatriated to the UK by ambulance.

An additional benefit is that, depending on the policy, you may be covered if you have to cancel your holiday before departure due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances. We recommend holiday-makers take out holiday insurance whenever they travel but particularly in the summer when ferry costs can be high and late cancellation can leave you substantially out of pocket.

And finally...

Holidays are important to everyone. My holidays matter to me. A lot. I take a lot of time planning them, researching places to stay, always looking for somewhere a bit unusual or "special" and good value.

While La Fosse is a warm and comfortable family home providing bed and breakfast for guests and not a 5 star luxury hotel with 24 hour service, we've kept firmly in mind that guests look forward to their holidays as well-earned treats. With our well-furnished and comfortable rooms, we hope the peaceful location and relaxed atmosphere of la Fosse will make your stay memorable. We aim to meet your hopes and expectations... and ideally exceed them. Let us know what you think - your feedback is always welcomed.