La Fosse - bed & breakfast in Normandy

Note to guests about these Terms and Conditions for La Fosse Chambres d’hôte, 50150 Perriers-en-Beauficel, France

The language in these Terms & Conditions is direct. They are important and need to be clear. If they sound “terse”, that is down to the subject matter and is not indicative of the welcome you will receive at La Fosse. They are not just for our benefit. These Terms & Conditions protect you and your fellow guests too, before and during your stay. They tell you what we expect from you but as importantly, they tell you what to expect from us. We take our responsibilities towards our guests, very seriously. We recognise that your holiday is important to you and it is our task to ensure it is enjoyable, memorable and meets your expectations.

March 2015 ver 8.0

These Terms and Conditions form the basis of your contract with us so please read them carefully.

General conditions
Only French law is applicable.

Under no circumstances may a guest extend the period of their booking except by agreement of the owners of La Fosse, Mr and Mrs P and C Head.

Under no circumstances may a guest allow people to stay in their room other than those listed on the booking form without the written permission of the owners.

Any information (including email address) supplied by a guest to the owners will never be given by the owners to a third party unless required to do so by authorities such as, but not limited to, the French Government, courts, Gendarmes or insurance companies.

Any credit or debit card or bank information supplied by a guest to the owner as part of the booking process will not be retained by the owner after either the booking is cancelled or the booking is complete.

Deposits and cancellation by clients
All deposits are non-refundable. If you cancel part or the whole of your booking before arrival, we will endeavour to re-let the rooms and return a proportion of or all of your deposit to you, less any administrative costs such as bank charges incurred by us.

Any cancellation before the arrival date must be confirmed in writing by conventional mail or email and the booking is cancelled when the owners confirm receipt of the notification.

If you cancel part of your booking after your arrival, you may still be liable for the balance of your payment as if you had stayed for the full term of the booking. For example, your booking is for seven days but you leave after four days, you may still be liable for the payment balance for the full seven days. If we re-let the room/s, we will refund a proportion or all of the balance payment less any administrative costs such as bank charges incurred by us or any discount offered by us to facilitate re-letting of the room/s.

For our British guests, remember to apply for your European Health Insurance (EHIC) Card. These cards are issued free by the UK health service. Ask the owners for an up-to-date website link if you are in any doubt; do not pay a fee for an EHIC card.  In addition, we strongly recommend that you take out appropriate holiday insurance which, depending on the policy, will cover lost deposits if (for example) you cancel due to the ill health of one of the party or a close member of the family. Holiday insurance will also cover any unexpected visits to a French doctor, hospital or visits by a nurse. The British EHIC card only covers you for about 65% of the costs you may incur in France so backup general holiday insurance is advisable. In case of an accident, the EHIC card will not repatriate you to the UK, you will need separate holiday insurance cover.

Cancellation of booking by La Fosse
In the very unlikely event that we have to cancel your holiday (severe damage to the house by fire, storm etc or other incident or severe illness of owner/s for example) we will refund your entire deposit and, with your agreement, endeavour to find you equal or better accommodation in the area.

Booking Deposit
Your booking is not confirmed until we have received and banked your deposit. Normally, you have four working days to get your deposit to us. (amount will be confirmed by email.) This payment may be by:

-    By PayPal via your credit card – which is easy, fast and secure. Please ask for confirmation of our email address
-    By PayPal via your own PayPal account – please ask for confirmation of our email address
-    by bank transfer (euros) direct to our French bank account – please ask for details
-    by bank transfer (sterling) to our UK HSBC bank account - please ask for details

Please note that using euro bank transfers from outside France or payment by non-French euro cheques may result in bank charges being applied to the payment when it is credited to our account. These charges can be very expensive in France (20 euros per cheque, for eg) and any charges will be passed on to you at the time your final bill is prepared on departure.

Balance of payment on departure
Balance of payment on departure may be made by cash, euros only. We do not accept cheques for balance of payment transactions. We do not accept travellers’ cheques or credit cards at this time.

House “rules”
The interior of the house is a no smoking zone – no exceptions. Standing inside at an open window is not acceptable. There are covered areas outside with sand ashtrays where guests can smoke and dispose of cigarette ends.

No candles to be used by guests in any part of the house. They are a fire risk.
No pets unless they are guide dogs or other assistance dogs and assistance dogs accompanying owners must be advised as a special requirement.

No children under 12 years of age are accepted at La Fosse. Children must be 12 years of age or older by the date of the commencement of the booking on which they are included.

La Fosse, its rooms, grounds and facilities are for residents only. Only residents are permitted in the house and only for the duration of their booking.

We appreciate that guests may have friends in the area and want a convenient location at which to meet but any such arrangements to meet at La Fosse must be confirmed with the owners beforehand. We can advise on places locally which have parking and seating and which we consider are good venues for friends to get together.

We ask all guests to respect other guests and to keep intrusive noise (for example, loud voices, tv, radio, music, vehicle movements) to a minimum particularly between the hours of 11pm and 8am. It is the responsibility of the owners to deal with any problems arising.

Any internet connectivity provided by La Fosse may not be used for illegal downloading or file-sharing of any kind. Be aware that rural internet connections in France are often low quality and slow and while they should enable basic emailing, uploads of photos, etc, they do not support downloading of movies, Youtube videos, etc.

We reserve the right to require any guests who break any of the above house rules to vacate the premises immediately and permanently. These guests will be liable for the full cost of their planned stay at La Fosse.

Guests are asked to arrive after 4pm and vacate their rooms on the day of departure by 11am. Please advise us if you expect to arrive after 10pm. If you arrive after that time and have not advised us of your intention to do so, you may not be able to gain access to the house. If you supply us with a cell phone / portable phone number and if your room is ready before 4pm we will phone you to advise that an earlier arrival is possible.

We require access to all guest rooms daily, usually for a brief period between the hours of 11am and 1pm in order to carry out housekeeping tasks, replenish supplies, empty bins, etc.

We make every effort to ensure guests have an enjoyable stay at La Fosse. If you have any cause for concern or complaint during your stay, you must notify us as soon as practical during your stay so that remedial action can discussed, agreed and implemented. We can’t solve a problem for you if you tell us after you’ve left.

Please advise us of any spillages, breakages or other damage immediately they occur. Accidents happen and most are best dealt with immediately.

Guests are responsible for their own possessions both inside La Fosse and in the grounds including the car parking area. We strongly recommend that guests take out an appropriate travel insurance policy to cover themselves and their possessions while travelling.

Additional facilities and equipment
Guests contract with us at La Fosse to supply accommodation – bedrooms, bathrooms and lavatory facilities - equipped and functioning as described to guests at the time of booking. We will strive to ensure that wifi / internet connectivity and speed, TV, DVD player etc are available for guests as described.

In the event of circumstances outside the owners’ control (for example, a previous guest damages equipment or the internet infrastructure suffers a breakdown at La Fosse due to service provider or faulty hardware such as routers or cabling) guests will not be entitled to refunds (complete or partial) or compensation. We are not responsible for events outside our control (examples are power cuts or problems with water supply) but we do our utmost to remedy any problems as quickly as possible or find ways to mitigate their effects.

External activities or attractions
Any visit or activity recommendations (attractions such as museums, restaurants, horse-riding, sailing, etc) made by La Fosse are made in good faith but La Fosse has no control over these external attractions relating to such aspects as availability, reliability or quality.